Whats New

Strengthening the marketing power & promoting the sales of new products

In the time of economic turmoil, we have expanded the sales team starting the 1st December. We are now promoting the sales of our new merchandise in China, Taiwan, Korea and other overseas market to become a diversified enterprise.
Please call us or write to us for your question and inquiry on our products.


  1. ECG-i.Heart, a portable electrocardiograph
    Easy to handle and carry, measuring the heart waveform anytime, anywhere.
  2. Hydrogen Water Generator
    Turning the tap water into a healthy active hydrogen water with a portable pot.
  3. Fiton Mist FM-FT, an air purifying vaporizer
    Making the room like being in midst of woods! Phytoncide solution disinfects and deodorizes.
  4. LED Illumination Light
    Light up the room, decorate outside, with the energy saving LED light.
  5. Others
    Kitty brand warmer and fridge, weight scale etc.


KANKYO GIKEN CO.,LTD. Sales Division
E-mail: ma@kankyougiken.com